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Work Ipad Agreement

All iPads are covered by the AppleCare warranty, which covers manufacturer defects. AppleCare coverage does not cover loss, theft, negligence (. B reckless fall of the iPad) or misuse (. B the iPad jet). In the event that a SOD needs to be replaced or repaired due to uninsnovered damage, the student`s family will be charged for such damages. The student must report problems or damage to an SOD to a teacher, principal or school staff. If an SOD is damaged and you want to do the repairs directly, it should only be taken to any Billings iDoctor location (currently West End near Shopko or Heights near Airport & Main). This maintains warranty coverage and minimizes your additional costs. If a repair shop other than iDoctor voids the warranty, damages a device, or can`t perform a repair, you may be charged for a new iPad.

We organized a discount with iDoctor. Tell them that you have a device owned by Billings Catholic Schools to qualify for the discount. They also guarantee their work, use OEM parts, and often don`t charge if they can`t fix it. SODs are for students only. It is not intended to be a family computer or to be used by siblings in a way that would interfere with the student`s access. Parents are responsible for monitoring students` internet use at home. The filtering services we implement in the school network are not transferred to home use. Parents should monitor iPad use at home to ensure that its primary function is academic and that students are doing assigned school work instead of playing games, chatting, etc. The use of Internet resources – including the online curriculum content acquired by the school – is an integral part of learning activities in your child`s classrooms. All devices must be handed over immediately at the request of a teacher or school administrator. If deemed necessary, the school administration can view the iPad and all stored information at any time with or without notice.

The student has no expectation of privacy based on anything stored, sent or received via an iPad used under this Agreement. Families who do not want their POD to be searched or seized should not have their student bring the device to school or have it used. Typically, the school purchases content and passes it on to the student, at no direct cost to the student`s family. In a limited case, application-related expenses may be required for the student`s family. When the student`s family purchases and installs an app, they retain ownership of that app. Billings Catholic Schools is not responsible for any fees for an Apple ID account on an iPad issued to a student. Currently, it is not necessary for parents to associate a credit card with an Apple ID. Students must allow school staff to monitor the use of their device to confirm compliance with school policies, procedures and policies.

In the classroom, the teacher or other designated adult determines the appropriate and inappropriate use of the technology. .