Ejerforeningen Æblehaven

Vessel Agreement

Do not hesitate to negotiate what you deem important and make the necessary revision of the agreement accordingly. The contract for the purchase and sale of ships with ship brokerage companies in Norway or elsewhere also contains other usual provisions to address the following: here is a checklist of the main commercial and legal issues that need to be addressed when preparing a contract for the purchase of ships. A ship-sharing agreement is slightly different from that of an alliance, since a ship-sharing agreement is usually devoted to a specific trade route, with conditions specific to that route, while an alliance is global in nature and may encompass many different trade routes, normally applicable under the same conditions. Hello Dang, in a VSA, you usually do NOT get two VSLS on the same service that simultaneously calls the same port. However, in some cases, this is possible due to ship consolidations and delays in a given port. In this case, the berth is arranged according to the port. I would be happy to have more information about this: 1. Is VSA the same as Slot Charter? What are the financial arrangements between the different companies operating under a VSA? 3. How to deal with a situation in which one of the operators does not have reservations corresponding to his share of accommodation or has more reservations compared to his slot-share? With the exception of navigation contracts, no borrower has entered into a charter party, an expropriation contract, a management contract or any other contract for the purchase, operation or use of any of the ships, unless financial documents permit. The relevant clauses generally take into account how and when there will be quantification and pricing of bunkers, spare parts and other delivery equipment for ships, and whether these items will be included in the price or whether they must be paid separately.

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