Ejerforeningen Æblehaven

This Agreement Is Made On The Date Specified Below

(d) to the extent that the case of force majeure affects a substantial part. B of this agreement for a period of thirty (30) days, any aggrieved party is allowed to denounce the agreement by communicating the denunciation to another party. No party is liable for delay, damages or otherwise in the event of termination under this article (a) Part 1 z.B. Subsidies to Part 2 and Part 2 accepts this – described in the section – subject to the terms of this agreement; (b) This agreement is concluded by and between Part 1 and Part 2 on January 12, 2005.B; or b) The parties are not responsible for delays or non-compliance with their obligations under this agreement. B, for example, due to circumstances resulting from force majeure and due to all uncontrollable events, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, disturbances, government acts, regulation, fraud, strikes, embargoes on goods transported, wars, uprisings and cancellations or termination of licences, or authorizations; or within the maximum/complete perimeter authorized by law, part1 is in no way responsible. B of business loss, loss of reputation, reputation or good in or any other form of indirect or subsequent damage, whether negligent, breach of contract, breach of legal obligations or any other form of non-compliance with legal obligations or any other form, regardless of Part 2`s disclosure of the likelihood/likelihood of indirect or consequent loss; (a) a party that is unable to meet its obligations under this agreement informs the other party, within working days, of the appearance and termination of the circumstances that prevent that first party from fulfilling its obligations; or b) This agreement was signed in English and Ukrainian.B. In the event of a dispute, the Ukrainian version is a priority. This agreement was concluded in two counter-pieces of the same validity of each language version. Part 1 retains one consideration, Part 2, the other; or, as a rule, follow the legal requirements of the parties who. B, as: part 1, a corporation (founded/founded/founded) in accordance with the laws of the [country] the [date] with registration No.___ as [open/closed limited company/Limited Liability Company/Daughter Enterprise/Daughter Enterprise/Subsidiary/Full Venture/Joint Venture/Partnership/Representation etc.]] their final address is: [legal/postal address, including building/apartment no, street, city/state, postcode, country], duly represented by [name and title of representative] acting on the basis of the [legal document, i.e.: