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Table For Agreement Type In Sap

In which table are the contract details (ME31K) stored? Table T166P SAP for – Position Texts in Purchase Printouts In value contracts, the quantity of items is often secondary, as the total value of the order counts. For example, a facility management contract of €1,000,000 can be concluded with a supplier. This includes the three points of building cleaning, possible repairs and disposal. In this case, individual sizes can be assigned much less concretely, and an overall construction makes more sense. Another example would be office equipment (pens, post-it notepads) that is too “singular” at the room level to be defined in a framework agreement. In many areas® SAP follows a concept of document category and document type. The class of record is a rough classification, the type of document is the finer differentiation of the class of record. Now that we have discovered where framework agreements are held as data – in tables where “standard” commands are suspected – and how to identify them – by document type and document type – we now look at some aspects of the process. To create context, we start with normal unique commands: as far as the database is concerned, they are recorded in SAP® in the EKKO (command head) and EKPO (command position) tables.

For example, if you want to track, you can use the SE16 browser to view the contents of the table. The delivery plan is a long-term sales contract with the supplier in which a supplier is required to supply material on specified terms. Delivery date and quantity information provided to the supplier in the form of the delivery plan. .