Ejerforeningen Æblehaven

Supply Agreement Minimum Quantity

Determine the minimum order quantities. At least [60] days before the start of each calendar year, the parties cooperate to determine the minimum order for products [PARTY B] to be made each quarter of the coming year (any quarterly order, a “minimum order”). First order. On the effective date of this agreement, [PARTY B] places the initial order for products listed in [Annex A] and attached to this agreement. The minimum purchase clause in the distribution agreements is devoted to the parties` definition of minimum quantities that the buyer will order, the adaptation of these quantities over time and the consequences for the buyer not to reach the minimum. . Non-execution of the minimum order. If [PARTY B] does not fulfill the minimum order for one quarter, [PARTY A] may convert [PARTY B`s] exclusive rights in the territory to non-exclusive rights for the remainder of the term. Minimum commands. In each calendar quarter, [PARTY B] buys at least the minimum order.