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Stripe Services Agreement Uk

Stripe Connect allows platforms to help you manage your Stripe account and provide additional services directly to your customers or customers. You can connect your Stripe account to platforms if you sign up for your Stripe account or via the dashboard. To be able to use Stripe Connect, you must also accept the agreement on Stripe`s connected accounts. When you connect your Stripe account to a platform, you allow Stripe to (i) access your Stripe account and all the data in Section D that is included in your Stripe account; (ii) help you establish and manage transactions with your customers; and (iii) deduct amounts (e.g. B platform usage fees) of funds payable for platform-related transactions (“platform fees”). You must agree separately with the platform to pay a platform fee, and all platform fees will be added to the fee. a. Privacy: Stripe only uses user data as is the case, other agreements between you and us or other agreements that you have ordered or authorized by you. You protect all data you receive through the Services and you must not disclose or disseminate that data, and you will only use it in connection with the Services and in accordance with this Agreement or by other agreements between you and us. Neither party may use personal data to market it to customers unless it has received the explicit consent of a particular customer. You cannot disclose payment data to others, except as part of the processing of transactions requested by customers and in accordance with applicable laws and payment rules. As stipulated by network rules, you can only accept payments made using payment cards in the context of legal and fairly concluded business transactions between you and your customers and relating to goods or services that are you use only commercial or service trademarks of the payment network that comply with network rules also limit your ability to discriminate against certain types.

and charge extras in return for accepting certain payment cards. If you accept payment card transactions, network rules expressly prohibit you from providing cash refunds for a credit card tax, unless required by law, (ii) to open a refund more than five calendar days after issuing a credit to your customer, (iii) from accepting cash or accepting other valuables for a refund , (iv) as a payment intermediary, intermediary or aggregator or other reversal of payment processing services on behalf of others, (v) the commission, whether they consider fraudulent or unauthorized by the cardholder, (vi) a tax if the transaction has not been concluded or if the goods or services have not been shipped or provided (unless the cardholder has paid a partial or full advance or consent Card was obtained for a recurring transaction); (vii) unless certain criteria are met or vii) the use of payment processing services in a manner that constitutes an abuse of payment card networks or a violation of network rules. Stripe is not a bank and we do not accept deput, provide loans or provide credit. If you accept a payment for products or services (including events such as concerts or other shows) that are not delivered directly to the Customer (a “Pre-order”), we may initiate Cancellations or keep reserves for all or part of the Payments we process for a pre-order. If you would like to receive a pre-order payment, please contact us beforehand.