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Ontario Teachers Strike Agreement

The province and the union representing public high school teachers in Ontario have now reached an interim agreement. OSSTF President Harvey Bischof said that while the agreement does not “satisfy all the concerns” of the union, teachers recognize that students need stability when the covid-19 crisis is over. Last month, all publicly funded schools were closed, with the four main education unions taking part in the first national judicial strike. Meanwhile, Ontario elementary school teachers have agreed to increase their salaries by one per cent per year for three years, but will receive higher performance increases than those originally requested by the government, according to a memo received by The Canadian Press. READ MORE: Ontario`s teachers` unions are moving forward despite the new government offer that Lecce also wanted concessions on a seniority-abandonment settlement, and while the agreement does not involve such concessions, there is no guarantee that the government will not be able to make changes to the regulations. On Friday, the union, which represents 83,000 education professionals and the province, announced a new agreement for Ontario teachers, which is subject to ratification and ended months of unrest — just as schools across the province were closed for two weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak. ETFO issued a statement on the interim agreement in which union president Sam Hammond said the negotiation process that led to Friday`s development was “long and difficult.” Education Minister Stephen Lecce said in a statement: “Our priority has always been to reach good agreements with teachers` and education workers` unions that advance the priorities of students and parents. That is exactly what we have done by reaching agreements with all the school unions in this province. Details of the agreement remain confidential for now In a statement to members of the Ontario Elementary Teachers` Federation (ETFO), the union says local presidents and chief negotiators will check the terms of the agreement Wednesday in a phone call to City Hall. ETFO obtains interim agreements at centralized negotiating tables. @etfopresident said: “We are very grateful for the unwavering support and solidarity of our members and public opinion who continue to work for public education… READ HTTPS://T.CO/YYMYH5UDAK #ONPOLI #ONTED PIC.TWITTER.COM/0WAZFZCGWE “This preliminary ETFO agreement gives further impetus to the agreements and progress that students deserve after being signed last week with the Ontario Teachers` Association (OECD),” Lecce said in a press release released Friday. ETFO will discuss the details of its interim central agreements and the ratification process with local leaders and ETFO members next week. ETFO represents elementary school teachers, casual teachers and teaching professionals in Ontario. The union is the largest teachers` union in the province and the second largest – after Catholic teachers – which reached an agreement in a highly controversial round of negotiations. The union said details of the agreement would remain confidential until ratification and that a date for a members` vote had not yet been set.

Meanwhile, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers` Federation (OSSTF) and the Franco-Ontarian Teachers` Association (AEFO) remain unseeded. Update: March 12 The Ontario English Catholic Teachers` Association (OECD) says it has reached a preliminary agreement with the Ontario government and cancelled all strikes. Members will vote on the agreement on April 7 and 8.