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Protection: as long as one of the privileged is not yet outdone, the consent of the holders of at least a majority of the privileged is required for any measure which: (i) amends any provision of the certificate of constitution if it would infringe the rights, preferences, privileges or powers of the privileged; (ii) changes the number of shares allowed; (iii) approves a new set of preferred shares with rights that are preferential or parity; (iv) shares (except under contracts of employees or consultants) are repurchased or repurchased; v) a dividend is declared or paid; (vi) changes the number of directors; (vii) approves any merger, sale of assets or other business restructuring or acquisition transactions, including a change of control or liquidation or liquidation or (viii) sales, expenses, sponsorships, creation or distribution of digital tokens, blockchain-based assets, cryptocurrency or other digital assets, including a simple agreement for future tokens or any other agreement , before the offer, the token distribution event or crowdfing. 4.5 Company capitalization. The company`s authorized share capital consists of shares of Common Stock and Appendix C is an authentic and correct copy of the entity`s capitalization table after it comes into force. Appendix D is an authentic and correct copy of the company`s constitution and any changes to it to the Secretary of State of Delaware. All outstanding shares of the Company`s common and common shares have been properly and effectively approved and issued and are fully paid and non-valuable and have been issued in accordance with all applicable federal and regional securities laws. There are no agreements, options, commitments, first- or first-person rights with, by or on a company or person, to acquire assets, characteristics or rights of the company, or any participation of the company, with the exception of the right to maintain proportional ownership: any owner of Preferred (or one or more of its related companies) has the right to acquire by the company its proportionate share of any offer of new securities , subject to customary exceptions. The proportional share is based on the ratio (x) of the number of common shares held by that holder (on a converted basis) to (y) of the fully diluted capitalization of the company (on the basis of the base and exercised). 7.11 Market Stand-off Agreement. Any lender accepts, without the prior written consent of the insurer-manager, sell, sell, sell, sell each option or contract to purchase during the period beginning with the date of the final prospectus for the IPO and the date indicated by the company and the managing insurer (, the purchase of an option or contract for the sale, the granting of an option, right or guarantee to the purchase or other transfer or transfer of equity these shares are then held by such a lender or acquired later) or (b) enter into a swap or other agreement to another, one of the economic consequences of owning the company`s equity securities, regardless of whether such a transaction, described in clause (a) or b), is settled by the delivery of securities, in cash or by other means.