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Mia Standard Migration Agent Representation Agreement

You should be aware that your representative of the migration section and refugee of the administrative court must provide all the information he needs to decide on your visa application. Once the agent has agreed to help you, he will give you a written agreement containing details about their services (contract) and how much they charge (fee). Your agent should not represent you if he or she has a conflict of interest. Your agent must put your legitimate interests above their own and avoid situations in which there is interest. Your agent must inform you in writing of the status of your application. Some apps may take longer to process, so there are times when your agent has nothing to say. If you sign a contract, your agent must provide you with a copy of the consumer guide. The Consumer Guide contains a summary of what you can expect from your agent, what the Office of the Agents Registration Agents does, and how you can complain to us if you need it. Consumer Guide You should read your contract carefully before approving and signing it. If you have agreed to have the agent help you, you will be their “customer.” Take the next step with your migration practice and give prestige to your professional career. Your agent must return all documents that belong to you within seven days. However, if your agent is a lawyer, he can claim a pledge (a form of guarantee for an item until a debt is paid) for the unpaid fees you must pay. Dispute resolution with your representative Australian lawyers who provide direct or indirect assistance in the enforcement or settlement of a visa application or direct or indirect representations must register with the AAT.

However, lawyers are not required to register if they act as part of their profession to prepare cases for a court or for court proceedings. (Note that the AAT is not a “court” for this purpose; see “Other Performance Control Agencies”). Note that Australian lawyers have recently convinced the government that they should not be subject to “double regulation,” and the government has agreed to remove them from any registration requirement with OMARA. However, the legislation has not yet been submitted to Parliament. You`re becoming a member now! Connect online today by clicking here.