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Development Agreement California Government Code

C. The City Council consults carefully on the recommendations of the Director of Planning or the Planning Commission, at which time the developer and all other interested parties are entitled to present such evidence and testimony which may be related to the question of the promoter`s compliance with the terms of the development contract in Germany. If, on the basis of essential evidence, the City Council finds that it does not comply with the terms of the development contract, it can either terminate the development contract after 60 days of termination of the developer, or allow, at its discretion, that the development contract be pursued by the imposition of new conditions to remedy such a breach. The City Council may make such conditions for the measures it takes, as it deems necessary to protect the interests of the city. The city council`s decision is final. On the basis of legal language, the legal system and legislative history, the Tribunal found that the status of the development agreement does not authorize the adoption of an initiative-based development agreement. F. Referral to the planning commission. The Director of Planning may refer any reviews to be conducted as part of the planning commission. This referral is carried out at the same time as a staff report on the interim findings of the Director of Planning. Following such a referral, the Planning Commission conducts an established public hearing to determine whether the proponent is in good faith satisfied with the provisions of the development agreement, in accordance with the provisions set out in it, and proceeds with the issuance of a certificate of compliance after finding compliance or finding non-compliance on the basis of essential evidence. Any such decision by the planning commission is submitted to the City Council in the same way as any other decision-maker.

[95-7 nr. 2; Code 1990 No 12.12.07.] (d) A city, county or municipality and county may recover from applicants the direct costs associated with the adoption of a resolution or by-law establishing procedures and requirements for the review of development agreements. A. An applicant may propose that the city consider entering into a development contract pursuant to section 2.5, Title 7, of California government law from Section 65864, by filing an application with the planning department and proving that the project meets the eligibility requirements of this section. E. Standard check. The Planning Committee may recommend the use of a development agreement as a method of implementing or making development authorisation standards and criteria available, including: a development agreement may be amended or terminated by mutual agreement between the parties or their rights holders in the interest of all or part.