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Bureau Veritas Confidentiality Agreement

6. BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION`S OBLIGATIONS 6.1 Bureau Veritas certification is delivered with diligence, competence and diligence, as expected by a competent body experienced in the certification sector and in the provision of services similar to those provided by the services and in similar circumstances, providing services and transmitting the certificate of authorization and/or reports to the client. 6.2 Bureau Veritas certification as an independent party provides its clients with information in the form of observations, evaluations or recommendations regarding regulatory requirements, general industry standards and/or other standards that may be accepted in writing by the parties. 6.3 In the delivery of services, Bureau Veritas certification is not a substitute for designers, architects, contractors, contractors, manufacturers, manufacturers, operators, carriers, importers, sellers, buyers or owners who, despite the actions of Bureau Veritas Certification, are not exempt from their obligations of any kind. If and to the extent that the client releases third parties from its obligations, obligations and obligations regarding the Customer`s products or services or its obligations, obligations and obligations regarding the information on which Bureau Veritas Certification relies for the performance of services, these un contracted commitments of a third party will not increase the responsibility of the Veritas Bureau Certification certification and will assume and assume these obligations. 6.4 In order to avoid any doubt, Bureau Veritas Certification does not in any way fulfil the role of a guarantor insurer or insurer in terms of adequacy, quality, market regularity, opportunity, compliance or execution of management systems or processes subject to services, including services, or other activities carried out or performed by the customer to whom the services relate. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions contained in this certificate or in a certificate of authorization or in a report, no explicit or implied guarantee or guarantee, including a market guarantee or adequacy to a specific purpose or use, will be provided by Bureau Veritas Certification for all client activities or systems or processes maintained or implemented by the Client.